When is a Phase II ESA Required?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Phase II ESA is typically required following the identification of potential contaminants of concern in Phase I ESA. Lending institutions require mitigation of all potential contamination prior to mortgage approval on commercial and industrial properties. Even farms and some residences are scrutinized under certain circumstances. Properties adjacent to gas stations and dry cleaners are identified as high risk and will almost certainly require environmental investigation.

What is done with the information?

If contamination is identified in a Phase II ESA, the findings are used to develop mitigation measures for remediating the contamination including removing the contamination, “in-situ” (remediating and/or managing the contamination in-place) and or developing a monitoring program to determine whether or not the environmental conditions are stable. The Phase II ESA may also recommend a more comprehensive investigation (Phase III ESA).

The information and data gathered from a Phase II ESA belongs to the individual and/or business entity that paid for the assessment and will not be divulged to others without expressed written permission.

How long does a Phase II ESA take and what are the costs?

The cost, scope and duration of a Phase II ESA are largely dependent on site specific factors such as the size and location of the property, the number of boreholes required to satisfy the person responsible that all the suspected contaminants have been thoroughly investigated. The turnaround time for laboratory analysis, equipment availability and groundwater recharge are all factors that impact the time required to complete the assessment. The time required to complete a typical Phase II ESA is approximately two to three weeks.

The costs are dependent on the above information and a detailed proposal is usually developed based on the site conditions etc.

Why do I need a site assessment?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Environmental site assessments are typically conducted as part of the “due diligence” process designed to assist clients understand the environmental risks associated with properties. In recent times, the risks of environmental site contamination has become as issue to anyone buying, selling or financing property. Due to past and present land use practices some sites have been or are becoming contaminated. Contamination on a site presents major concerns and possible liabilities for the buyer, seller and/or lender.

To reduce this risk it has become necessary to undertake Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to determine the actual or potential environmental site contamination.

A Phase I ESA is a preliminary assessment by which the assessor determines if a specific property is, or may be, subject to contamination from past or present site uses and from adjacent land use. The assessment combines both on site and desktop studies to understand potential liabilities associated with a property.

The scope of the Phase I ESA consists of a very detailed review of historical property use, land title records, occupancy records, aerial photographs, city directories, and fire insurance maps, as well are mandatory regulatory searches. Geology, Hydrology and Topography are analyzed to determine the potential of any environmental hazards that may be associated with the property or adjacent sites. A visual inspection of the site and surrounding properties including identification of any liquid or chemical storage, PCB’s, ACM’s, lead or other designated substances, spills or soil and building contamination. Interview are conducted with persons having knowledge of the past and present site activities. A report is then prepared by the assessor based on the findings of the investigation. WA Environmental Services Ltd. conducts Phase I ESA’s in accordance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z768-01.

A Phase I ESA does not include sample gathering, laboratory testing, or intrusive investigation of a property. Where the potential for contamination has been identified, a Phase II ESA would be recommended for the site.

At WA Environmental Services, we pride ourselves on completing assessments rapidly, efficiently and to a high standard using innovative technologies and qualified personnel. We have a nationally certified Environmental Site Assessor (C.E.S.A.) on staff to conduct your Phase I ESA and assist you with your due diligence process.